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What a great place to fish!

Our fishing park area is in the middle of beautiful South Karelia. It`s easy to find your way here, no matter where you come from. We have nine fish ponds within 2 hectares. Only pure spring water is used in the park.

From our fish- and crayfish breeding plant you can get both domestic and signal crayfish and rainbow trout for prey. In the winter you can also get arctic char. As farming fish we have common whitefish and grayling. You can also buy fresh fish and crayfish.

Fish can be handled, smoked and barbequed by us, if you like. There is a sauna, adventure track, and a camping- and caravan area for about 20 guests. The camping area will be finished by next summer. There is also a children`s play area.

Would you like to try archery? Or how about picking some really healthy sea-buckthorns that are full of vitamins?

We are open around the year, from to We organize also crayfish parties and catering.

This is a place where the whole family can have a good time!

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